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These gems are inspected and authenticated by myself and new inventory is added weekly.

I am thrilled you have decided to join us. Our website offers so much, in our store you will find antiques and collectibles sourced from all over the country personally. Basically, I buy what I like, whether 18th century or mid-century modern, but I guarantee you will never fail to get a unique gift that will be nothing less than perfect for that someone special in your life.

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Services We Offer !

Our services are not limited to Creating Content for Youtube or selling antiques and collectibles through our multiple platforms. We offer a buying service at our store in mountain ash, South Wales, UK.

At our store, we buy antiques, collectibles, and jewelry no matter the condition. We buy all types of Gold, Silver, and Coins ( Broken or Perfect.)

While we no longer offer a full house clearance service, we are willing to do partial house clearances where we will buy the contents of the house minus the furniture, ( Some exceptions may apply, where we will make an offer on some or all of the furniture).

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may 12, 2020

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