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I have decided to create a personal blog/diary at the request of some of my followers. People see me on youtube, they view my website and a lot of the time feel they just can not relate. They really have no idea of the struggles and the number of hours I have to work behind the scenes to produce what I do. The truth is ( If I can do it, an uneducated man, then so can you )!

For most of my adult life, I have battled with crippling depression, just getting out of bed some days is exhausting. I have made many mistakes in my life and have been at the bottom on more than one occasion. And I have been in a position where I didn’t have a penny in my pocket. But what I did have was a love for all things antique and collectible and a belief that one day with hard work I would be able to have a good life from working within this antiques trade/world that I love.

This personal blog has been created with the intention of sharing my daily activities and struggles. Being in the public eye I get positive responses from people however I also get very negative and nasty comments from people who have a problem with me for whatever reason they feel justifies the anger in their heads. People who don’t know me will never understand how much these comments mean, they can make your week or trigger a fit of depression. Most of the time the nasty comments come from people who have never spoken a word to me or watched a single film of mine.

The main purpose is to share with you my ups and downs and my day-to-day activities, to show you that if you are struggling in life, then firstly you are not alone, secondly, I feel by writing this blog post I have someone that I can talk to with whom may relate to what I am going through on any particular day.

Blog Post 13/12/22


Today has been a very busy day. I started the day off with a live video on youtube. Today’s film was all about selling on eBay compared to selling on your own website. The film was an hour and a half of everything you need to know to create and run a successful website. Following my live stream, I had to rush off to Brecon Mountain Railway as we took a wonderful ride on a steam locomotive.

The live Stream.

I have spent many hours and days preparing for a live stream that I felt would cover everything involved with creating a website. and at the same time answer any and all of the questions of my followers who joined my live stream.

I have sold on eBay for well over a decade, but their fees, their restrictions, and the way they treat sellers drove me away. it has taken a long time and many failed attempts to finally create a website that both got the views/rates and the sales.

I didn’t want to be just another blogger who talks the talk but doesn’t back it up, So during this live stream, I prove to you how to make the site work, i show you my website visit rates, organic search results, and sales. after showing you that the site works we talk about all the costs involved.

The live stream is fully packed with really great information and tips. if you would like to see the film, the link is below.

After the Live Stream, We Took A Locomotive Ride

I had to cut the live stream short at 12pm to rush up and collect my daughter from school. We went up to Brecon Mountain Railway for a fabulous rest of the day, we rode on a Vintage Steam Locomotive, Then we visited Santa which my daughter loved, and took the train back. it was a really wonderful day that ended too soon. I have done a full review of Brecon Mountain Railway and the day we had. Below is the link to the review blog.

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