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Welcome, I have been an antique dealer for around twenty years. I created my Youtube channel just a short couple of years ago. I intended to share the thrill and excitement of some of my thrift finds and maybe help others with the knowledge I possess. I soon learned that not only was I not alone on Youtube, but there was this amazing community of resellers creating content.

The reseller channels on Youtube that I consider to be the most interesting are, the channels that cover many different topics, and have been creating content for many years. These channels make sure their content is interesting, exciting, and educational. It is my intention to share the links of who I consider to be the most interesting reseller channels. Meaning channels with something to offer their viewers. 

What is a reseller?

A reseller is a term that we use in the community to identify someone who buys used products to sell them for a profit. This is a wide-spanning area covering everyone from, antique dealers all the way to someone dealing in car parts.

Why do resellers create videos on Youtube?

There are many reasons a reseller will create content on youtube. This will vary greatly from reseller to reseller. the miss-conception is the money. Yes, Youtube pays creators by the use of adverts however the amount of work that goes into a channel compared to what you make is not as much as you would think.

Creators with 50,000 to 100,000 subscribers and 100-200,000 views a month will only be making around £1000. Smaller channels with around 20,000 a month will only be making £100, so why do they do it?

If I use myself as an example, I started creating videos as an advertising campaign, however now I create just to share with the community I have built up. this community engages in my ups and downs and in return for their support I try to help by sharing my knowledge.

Subscribers to a reseller are not just viewers, when they are continually commenting, Helping, and supporting the reseller they soon become much more. I have made so many friends from my youtube community that it is the greatest reward I could have had.

Where do resellers buy their products?

Resellers are very resourceful people. Most of them/us search flea markets, car boot sales, auction houses, house clearance, and online platforms. After years of harnessing our skills, we really can sniff out the bargains.

Some resellers are physically or mentally unable to get out and about, these resellers then source on sites like eBay, Facebook, and online auctions and have the products shipped directly to them.

Where do resellers sell their products?

Because there is such a huge variety of types of resellers and the products they sell, the answer to where resellers sell their products is a wide-spanning one. a great deal will use eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Poshmark, or other online platforms. However, some buy at the markets and resell straight back out and others like myself have a brick-and-mortar shop. There is no right or wrong way for a reseller to sell their product. Just what is right for you.

What can I learn from watching other resellers’ Youtube channels?

Reseller channels have so much to offer and there is so much you can learn from them. Especially if you are starting out / new to the game.

  • You can see what others are buying and selling, which you can copy.
  • you can pick up secrets and tips shared in videos.
  • You can learn from their costly mistakes
  • You become part of the community so can help each other.
  • You will be entertained in an area in which you have an existing interest.

Would you like your channel added to the list of youtube reseller channels?

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List of Youtube reseller channels and links below.


Above is the link to the channel AntiquesArena run by Walter O’Neill, As the name suggests the channel is based around antiques and collectibles. The content created comprises (How to films, thrift finds/haul films, and vlogs).

nic & Andrea hills

Above is the link to the channel of Nic and Andrea Hills. They have been creating content for around a decade, Here you will find almost daily videos covering absolutely everything to do with reselling and eBay and Amazon.


Above is the link to the channel Kirsten’scuriosities. This channel is run by Kirsten who owns and runs her own antique shop. This channel covers, Haul films, vlogs, and vegan cooking.

Treasure Pirate

The above link is for the channel Treasure Pirate run by Heather, She is a wonderful lady and does some really interesting haul films and seller ladies live with some of the other sellers.

 Peter Wray’s Adventure’s

Above is the link to the channel Peter Wray adventures run by peter. he is a reseller and films hauls and instructional videos. selling online platforms. 

Above is the link for the channel Antiques Vintage Collectibles. run by Mark Ray. This is a relatively new channel but will definitely appeal as it is all about antiques, collectibles, and the recycling lifestyle.

Reselling Life Adventure

Above is the link for Reselling Life Adventure, Run by mike and covering reselling, eBay, and adventure and camping. the reseller lifestyle.

Jon Luc Resells

Above is the link to Jon Luc Resells, run by Jon Luc. on this channel you will find an eBay-based reseller and you follow his journey.

Knight’s Life.

The above link is for the channel Knights Life run by Richard. Richard left his full-time job this year and went reselling. he covers eBay selling and film props and costumes.

Ward Antiques

The above link is for the channel Ward Antiques run by Paul, this is a small growing channel at the moment focusing on antiques and eBay reselling.

B0B Buys

The above channel is based in the USA and run by a lady called Heroine Bob. this channel is about all things reselling.

Cookie & The Hayden’s

The above is a good size channel is a UK-based reseller channel run by Chris. and covers all things reselling.

Global Thrifters

The above link is for the channel Global Thrifters and run by Jack & Emily. they are full-time UK resellers and share their journey on youtube.

Princess Shellsterooney

The link above is for the channel Princess Shellsterooney, Run by Shelly Hawkins. The channel is a mixture of reselling (mostly jewelry), chats with other YouTubers, and my thoughts on life, tv, food, drink

TIM Burns Antique shop and reselling

The above link is to the channel Tim Burns Antique shop and reselling. This is a new channel, Antique dealer with a shop in Lichfield Staffordshire called Fine and vintage Channel covers shop stock haul and sourcing. also market days etc.

Above is the link to the gallery of Thomas Niklasson, This gallery is not a youtube channel but a supporter of my youtube channel.

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